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Whoever said this, could not have been more correct! I had been thinking of starting this blog since the time I had conceived. One, I wanted to share my experience with others and vice versa, and Two, down the years whenever I looked back I would have my entire motherhood in front of my eyes. However it took me 15.5 months altogether to bring it into reality. Finally here it is – a journey in which i hope to make my Little One a better person while equipping her with all the arms and ammunition needed for this world. Here, we will talk about all the fashion fads, the little tantrums and how to deal with them, food corner, some parenting hacks- in short possibly everything which may concern us or be related to our child.

So a huge welcome to this roller coaster ride!!!!




My Breakfast, fast”, I screamed while applying kohl.

Have kept in on the table Didi

I hurried to the dining table. My laptop was hanging on one side, one of my hands held wallet, phone and charger while I grabbed the roll from the other.

Sit down and have your breakfast, beta

Mom, I am getting late. Have to drop Arjun to school first,”

His carpool had ditched us today. I looked around my hand moving to the mouth for a bite.

Arjun… Arjuuuuu”, I stopped midway. Suddenly from behind leaped on me a 5 year old monkey and I heard the thud of my roll falling on the ground.

Gotcha”, a beaming face said.

I smiled weakly desperately looking at the mess on the floor. Not that I wasn’t tempted enough to lick the entire contents now adorning the floor, but a quick look at the wall clock ensured that I did not.

Padmini, make Didi another roll

Leave it Mom, we are late”, I said while swiftly holding Arjun’s hand and hitting the lift.

Eat something on the way”, I heard my Mom call out. The lift screeched and so did my tummy. Heavens!! It’s a long day ahead. I rummaged my Pandora’s bag to locate the car keys as we moved to the parking lot only to find the front tyre flat. Damn! I hit the car with my fist. Ouch!! It went red! But probably lesser than my face seething with hunger and anger, Hanger.

We waited for an auto rickshaw. And this toddler of mine was having a ball of a time jumping imaginary puddles and winning some race in his head.

Finally an auto rickshaw pulled up.

Bhaiya, sector 15

Madamji, Rs. 150

Had I not been a vegetarian and little short on time, I swear I would have eaten that man alive. But all I said was, “Okay, whatever”.

There was this beautiful aroma of fresh poha in the auto. Honestly, it was in the auto or my mind, I wasn’t able to tell apart. Once I slyly glanced at Arjun’s tiffin box but immediately mom guilt took over me and I looked away.

Bye bachcha”, I said kissing Arjun. I looked at the watch. I had a meeting scheduled in exactly 5 minutes from now. I rushed, keeping my hunger pangs aside.

Sorry Gentlemen, sorry to have kept you waiting; so let’s start. What was the meeting about, ah yes! Marketing your new food brand. Right… Right…

Gawd!! There was food everywhere other than inside me. My stomach growled and crunched with pain now. If some sensible words were to come out of my mouth, this burning pyre had to be drenched. I spotted my bottle on the desk and gulped it down.

The meeting went on with all the dishes flying in front of my eyes and constant intake of sips of water to keep that howling stomach of mine shut.

That sounds great,” I said as I shook hands signaling the end of meeting and probably the end of my hysteria. I sank on my chair and took a deep breath. I put in the keys to open my drawers only to find the snack box empty. I banged my head on the desk. How could I forget to refill it? Just then I heard peon call my name.

Madam, Boss is calling you

I threw up my hands and my mind said, “Now what have I done to invite the wrath”.

As I entered his cabin, the entire office was already there.


Hunger had already ceased any processing of thoughts in my mind and I stood pale and blank.

You have been promoted”, said someone while stashing my mouth with a laddooo.

And as the laddoo lay flat in my stomach being broken into basic nutrients by the digestive juices, the feeling sank into me and the happy faces of Mom, Siddharth and Arjun over my favourite dinner flashed infront of me.



IMG_20190424_170737Motherhood does not come with a manual. How I wish it did! It would have made our life so much easier and answers to those umpteen random questions would have been so simple – the manual asked to do it in that way. Period. But no, that was never to happen especially in case of mothers. You are left out there to figure out things , in most cases, of which you don’t have the slightest idea and God forbid, if something goes wrong, face those million questions hurled on your face – did you not see it coming? How did you not figure it out? You should have known.

Damn!! It’s my first time. This is not a corporate project with boundaries and set guidelines. How was I supposed to know? But never mind, nobody believes you as our society has a set framework that mothers are God and God knows everything. While it is jubilant to be next to God, but you should not forget the fact that we are humans with powers that does not resemble anything Godlike.

So, yes! I have had my fair share of such moments in my two years journey of motherhood. And I think it’s really important to put out such experiences because it might help some mom somewhere either to decipher the symptoms or gauge the situation in advance so as to be saved from the aftermath, or find some comfort and not feel too guilty or be too harsh on herself because of what happened. When you see more moms going through the same phase you feel comforted that you are not alone. You feel that you have your tribe that is facing the same.

When Baby S had turned 13 months I was holidaying at my parents place. Everything was awesome before she slept and when she woke up the next day she wasn’t even able to breathe. I cannot even express in words how scared I was. We immediately rushed to hospital and she was admitted and was put on IV. Seeing those wires hanging from her hand and she constantly crying to remove them had made me incapable of thinking anything. I was so glad that I was with family. She had an extremely severe chest congestion and had to be hospitalized for 3 days. While in there and even after that when relatives and friends came over to our house to check her health they had a single question – what happened in one night? Did you not check on her at all? Were you sleeping? And I was at a loss of words as to what to reply. The truth was that I was binge watching that night. Hence was awake almost till 4 am and kept checking her every 10 minutes and still I couldn’t see it coming. I was ashamed of myself. I felt as if I had consciously let her through this pain. I felt like a bad mom, even worse, not even worthy of becoming a mom. That was when my mom stepped in and gave me a good bashing. She said are you a doctor that you could see it coming. Stop feeling guilty. The people who are judging you have been through such situations a number of times and have failed. So don’t bother yourself because of them at all. You have been a fantastic mom. Just look at the way you dealt with the 3 days in hospital. The misery would have been longer if it were not you.


And that’s why I say my mom is my biggest strength. She just knows how to pull me together. But you know, lot of us might not be as blessed to have such people in our lives who can stand up and say how was she supposed to know everything! Or rather, she is not SUPPOSED to know everything. For most of us, the new ad film by ALL OUT does the job. It so resonated with my situation during that time that I immediately felt connected to the lady. How was she supposed to know.? Har kisi ko sab kuch nahi pata hota hai (not everyone knows everything). And it takes that extra courage to say that #MujheSabnahiPata. I think this ad is going to do a brilliant job in altering, even if a bit, of the societal conditioning that women goes through. It acknowledges the basic fact which we ourselves refuse to acknowledge due to the society image pressures. I, for one, have simply fallen in love with the ad film. I also attended a panel discussion by All Out Featuring the ever beautiful Sonali Bendre wherein she made us tie a knot in our scarves as a reminder of it being Okay to not know everything.


Ladies, please don’t be harsh on yourself as it is perfectly normal to not know everything. You are humans remember. And also please remember that a mom in distress needs your support and understanding more than your sceptic questions of  ‘did you not know?’ Please come up with your stories of such moments in the comment section. Let us all build such a beautiful emotional connect with each other that no mom judges herself or keeps quiet for the fear of being judged. Hail Motherhood!

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This happened during the winters of 2017-2018. Baby S was 9 months old then. For the entire period of 9 months I had been using the same set of cosmetic products. But as November approached suddenly her body skin started behaving differently, as in, no amount of oils or lotions could keep it hydrated. Navi Mumbai winters are mild, not very harsh but are extremely dry. I changed her massage oil from olive oil to mustard oil, increased the amount of moisturizer I previously used but to no avail. Within half an hour her skin would turn dry and consequently would start itching. I was at my wit’s end as to what is causing the irritation and dryness. She had started developing marks on her body because she would scratch herself due to the itch. So I decided to ask her pediatrician in my next visit. Her doctor immediately asked me about the products that I was using and later advised me to use products with PH level around 5. He said a bit of dryness is normal in winter but some products rip off the gentle skin of babies with its essential natural oils, thus aggravating the situation. He did recommend a couple of brands and thus began my quest for the most authentic PH balanced product for my child.

As I started reading more about this subject, lot many layers started to unfold. And I am basically writing this blog to help you mommies out there to understand why this thing called PH is so important.

WHAT IS pH: PH basically stands for potential hydrogen. The PH scale is used to rank whether a substance is acidic or alkaline with pH 1 denoting the most acidic and pH 14 denoting the most alkaline. The pH of water is 7 and it is pH neutral. The pH of human skin is 5.5

WHAT IS SKIN ACID MANTLE: Acid mantle is a thin protective layer on the surface of our skin. The sebum (free fatty acids) excreted from the skins sebaceous glands form the acid mantle of our skin which then mixes with acids from our sweat to create our skins pH. In simple language this mantle protects our skin from excess moisture loss and restricts the entry of harmful bacteria. Any damage to this mantle will directly result into drying and other related issues. And this was exactly what had happened with the skin of Baby S.

In my search for the best suited product I came across various products which were pH neutral. But having done my homework I understood that our skin is slightly acidic with a pH of 5.5 whereas a neutral pH is at 7. Hence though it would be close to the pH level of skin but would not be exactly what our skin needs. So while in a baby’s store, I was going through all the products, I happened to look at the Sebamed range of baby products. I was already using the Sebamed diaper rash cream from Day 1 for Baby S but it struck me then that the product conforms to the 5.5 pH norm of our skin. I had all this while missed that bit of information about the brand. All this while the solution was sitting on my shelf but I was ignorant. So I picked up the Baby wash from Sebamed’s baby care range and rest is history.

Having been imported from Germany, the baby wash was completely free of soaps and alkali and thus assured the pH of 5.5. The best thing which I liked about this baby wash was the presence of refatting effect of vernix-related squalene. In simple words, this compound balances the lipid content of the baby’s tender skin and leaves it soft and supple. It is, of course, free from all sort of mineral oils and alcohols and phthalates etc. Its tear free formula is another win-win. Post usage, Baby S skin did not feel dry. Of course, I used a moisturizer along with it.


Since then, this baby wash, among other products, has been a constant for Baby S. Oh yes! I would also strongly recommend the diaper rash cream as well. I have never used any other cream and Baby S never ever faced even a tiny winy bit of rash. In fact, my BIL’s 3 month old daughter suffered a mild rash and on its application it was gone in 2 hours. That cream is super effective and now that we know it is pH 5.5 we are further assured. To know more about the range of products that they offer you can visit their website http://www.sebamedindia.com. By the way, they deal in products for adults also.

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6 Mistakes I Made Post Pregnancy

It’s been such a long time that I have written something down. You know, how mom life happens. And when I wasn’t being a doting mom,  my thoughts were too cluttered. Today, when I saw the laptop open in front of me, I somehow felt that urge to sit down and write- pour my heart out. There are so many topics on which I intend upon to write but let me take baby steps.

This particular blog is delayed by somewhat like 1 year and 7 months. Can I please blame that on my mom-life. I don’t want to blame it on my laziness though. So, here I want to quickly jot down few things which I now think, had someone told me before delivery or even maybe immediately after delivery it would have made my life much simpler.

  1. Doing Kegels is as important as feeding – If you have delivered normally, trust me on this , start your kegels as soon as possible i.e. once your stitches allows you to do that, or else for the rest of your life you would be rushing to loo even at the slightest sneeze. Wish someone had told me that early. I think it was my doctor’s duty to inform me but she obviously didn’t. I came to know about it much later like in 5th month post-delivery. And till now I am not back to fully normal.
  2. Breastfeeding while lying is a medically accepted position – this was repeatedly told by my mother. But I chose to hear what the nurses say until one day I saw a chart outside the chamber of my pediatrician which stated the different positions of breastfeeding. And lo! Breastfeeding while lying down was mentioned there in all its glory. Then when I tried it, my LO refused it because by now she was habituated to my sitting position. Therefore, whenever I breastfed I laboriously woke up every single time and sat and then fed; whereas I could have very easily lied down while feeding. If only I had listened to my mom. My poor back. It hurt me so much that at times I even thought of giving up on breastfeeding. So ladies, please use the lying position as well in conjunction with the sitting one. It will save your back like anything. The only precaution you need to take is that keep their little noses little away from skin so that they don’t suffocate.
  3. Bottle feeding – Like every new mom I was paranoid when I heard the word- Bottle,  “there is absolutely no need of giving bottle to my child; I am going to breastfeed her”. All said and done, its good in theory. Of course you don’t need to give formula in bottle. But do express your own milk and give them in bottle every alternate day just once right from the end of the first month. Because you never know when all of a sudden you might experience a dip in your milk, and then feeding the child formula without a bottle is a herculean task. During the day it is still okay because you are wide awake and spoon and bowl doesn’t seem to be so much of a hassle. But when its night and your eyes are already drooping you would simply want to put the bottle in the mouth of the kiddo n rest asleep. In any case unless you are exclusively breastfeeding at least until 1 year, non-introduction of bottle becomes a major issue once the first 6 months are over.
  4. Change is the law of nature – You can expect a change in about anything. Your skin type, your hair type anything. I always had hair which were slightly wavy towards the end. Post pregnancy now I have curly hair. Yes, the texture of the hair itself has changed. So don’t fret over it. Simply accept it.
  5. Pain in joints – If by any chance you experience pain in joints post the 45 days of delivery do not blame it on the calcium and iron deficiency. Go to an orthopedic immediately. It could be a form of rheumatoid. I kept blaming it on calcium deficiency until about 4th month when it became unbearable. The tests revealed it as early sign of rheumatoid and I was given steroids. Luckily it got cured. And by pain I mean shooting pain in knees, toe joints etc when you bend them or move them from one position to another.
  6. Belt or dupatta tied around waist – If you think tying them for a couple of hours is going to be all fine, wake up. Its either you tie it around 22 hours a day or you don’t do it all. As simple as that. So yeah if you want that flat stomach tie the belt or the dupatta really tight and take them off for an hour each while having your lunch and dinner.

Yeah! so these were the six mistakes I made as a first time mom some out of ignorance and some out of arrogance. Hope this blog helps you identify and stop before its too late. If it did, please free to share it with your preggo friends and not so preggo friends as well.

Disclaimer: These are totally based on my experience and my opinions which might be or might not be in line with what the medical fraternity says. You are free to apply or ignore.


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Cloth Diaper – A step towards health and sustainable future

IMG-20180715-WA0005Hey people, how have you been? Hope all well. So I am back with one of the most sought after topics by new moms – Cloth Diapering. Before I talk about cloth diapers in general, let me tell you Why Cloth diapers.

So, Disposable Diapers are the most convenient way of diapering. No doubt about it. It’s the easiest on the go method. Make the baby wear it and when soiled just throw it away. But do you know what happens to it when you throw way. And also, what happens to your kid when his delicate skin comes in contact with the diaper. And so many other questions which at times do not even cross our mind. I will try to throw light on all of them one by one.

So when you throw away the diaper, it forms part of the overall garbage dumped on the mother earth. It being made of plastic cannot decompose. It takes several hundred years to decompose. Till then it forms part of the landfill of the planet earth. Every year approximately 30 billion diapers are thrown which become part of the landfill. Imagine! To draw comparison, if Aurangzeb wore diapers, his poop would still be live, buried in the plastic layers and dumped in some landfill.

Coming to the soft bums of your child. Have you ever seen the redness around genitals or rashes around the thighs? If diapers were so soft and gentle why would that happen? The reason is diapers are ultimately made of plastic which is made from the crude oil. And when plastic is rubbed against the soft skin of kids’ redness is bound to happen. Also, chemicals present in the diapers react with the skin causing the redness. I am not even talking about the 50 different chemicals including Sodium Polyacrylate and Dioxin. It also pulls out moisture from the baby’s skin resulting into irritation. Rashes occur due to wet diapers left too long or the elastic band is too tight. We use diaper rash creams daily. We expose our kids’ gentle skin to so much of chemical and on the other hand we talk about using natural moisturizers, free from preservative foods, etc. Hypocrite! Aren’t we?

Oh! By the way, did you know that the third largest consumer item to go to the landfills and contribute to ozone layer depletion is disposable diapers? It is also a major contributor in non-biodegradable category comprising approx. 30% of the overall non-biodegradable waste.

So, what next? If not disposables then what? The answer is CLOTH DIAPERS.

Cloth Diapers are an excellent alternative to disposables minimizing the threat caused by the latter to the environment and the kids. Of course their major benefits have been thrown under the carpet by the major disposable diapering brands projecting diapers as the one stop solution to all the mothers’ woes and the elixir for the baby’s comfort. But that is the reason I am here. To share my experiences and research on topics which I feel passionate about and think would benefit all you moms out there. My aim is to provide you with information so that you can take informed decisions.

The cloth diapers found today are comparable to any disposable in utility except for the fact that they need to be washed. But then, they can be easily washed in washing machines. And oh my God! The super cute prints on the little bum’s just melts my heart. A cloth diaper lasts anytime between 1 hour to 3 hours depending on the amount peed by kiddo. And it always looks like it lasts forever. I still use the AIO for my daughter which I had bought when she was just 3 months old. Hence, if you are bothered about the upfront cost, please don’t be. It is much cheaper than the disposables in the long run. It would eventually cost you somewhere around Rs. 3 to Rs. 4 per use as against a minimum of Rs. 12 to Rs. 13 for a disposable. I have never faced any redness or a diaper rash with a cloth diaper and I don’t use diaper rash creams at all. The only precaution that you should take if you are diapering 24 hours is always, always give your baby diaper free time.

So, the next time you go out for the hourly evening stroll or a couple of hours at a friends place, ditch that disposable and use the cloth diapers. Needless to say, at home, usage of disposable should not be even thought of.

If you have any questions regarding cloth diapering please comment below. I will try to answer them to the best of my abilities.


This blog post is a part of “Conscious Diapering and Sustainable Living”, A blog train by Bumberry (www.bumberry.com) hosted by Genevieve from www.worldofgen.wordpress.com (@life.of.gen) and Rashmi of https://www.notjustmommying.com/ (@notjustmommying). Here 18 supermoms have joined hands to share their perspective on cloth diapering and living an ecofriendly sustainable lifestyle. I thank Ananya from http://www.mommyinglittleanaika.wordpress.com for introducing me to the blog train. I now pass on the blog to Shaik Gousia Kashif from www.mylilworldmoin.wordpress.com to let us know her take on Cloth Diapering.

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Easy Peasy Food Recipes To be Loved by your Kids

It has been 9 months since I started weaning and trust me it has not been an easy journey. My Little one is an extremely fussy eater with a very small appetite. To constantly introduce her to various textures and flavours has been my endeavor. In this blog, I will write the recipes of the three most liked food dishes by her over the period of these 9 months. Hence, there would be something for moms with kids of all ages.


Age : 7 months+

chickoo suji kheer

Breakfast for little ones must be tasty and healthy to wake their brain cells positively. This is what I make for my little one often. The best part is, it’s really sweet but not sweetened with sugar!


  1. Puree a ripe chikoo (sapota)
  2. Roast some suji (rava, semolina) in a pan and keep aside
  3. In a pan, pour some water to boil
  4. Once it boils, add the roasted suji to it
  5. Stir to attain desired consistency
  6. Now add this mixture to the chikoo puree
  7. Your chikoo suji kheer is ready!

Serve and watch the kheer being slurped up! Enjoy!

Please Note: If you have not introduced either chikoo or suji to the child before, it may be a good idea to introduce small quantities to check for allergies and then make it a part of her/his regular diet

You may also want to check the recipe for Home Made Cerelac


Age: 10 months+


This meal is really quick to make and is wholesome and full of nutrition. What I love about it is we can keep changing the flavor by changing the veggies. The lunch of the kiddo is sorted.


  1. Roast some Suji in a pan (until it turns light brown) and keep side
  2. In the same pan, add some oil/ghee/butter.
  3. Once hot, add mustard seeds and let them splutter. Add curry leaves.
  4. Add extra finely chopped onion and saute for a minute.
  5. Add pureed tomato to the pan and let it simmer for a while.
  6. Add a pinch of turmeric powder (You can skip it if you want to keep the colour white but I like to add this for the antiseptic properties of Turmeric)
  7. Add a pinch of salt (you can skip this if you are following the No Salt Rule)
  8. Now, add the roasted Suji to the mixture and immediately add water triple the amount of Suji.
  9. Let it simmer for a while until you get the desired consistency.
  10. And your Vegetable Upma is ready

Please Note:

  1. I used to puree vegetables and mix it in the Upma. At times I used to put big chunks and towards the end (after their taste gets assimilated in the upma) would remove them.
  2. You can put pureed carrots or if you have started finger foods, cut carrots in long pieces, boil and sauté in Upma. While feeding the child, take out those sticks and hand it over to him as finger food.
  3. You can boil broccoli and mash it and then add at step 5.
  4. Keep changing the veggies in the upma and each time you will have a new flavor. Even for curry leaves, add them on and off.



Age: 1 year+


Blueberry is a SuperFood. It is extremely rich in antioxidants. As the fresh fruit is not available round the year, I use the dried blueberries.


  1. Take a banana (I prefer the small elaichi banana variant)
  2. Take 8 to 10 dried blueberries
  3. Blend Blend Blend
  4. Tadaa… the blueberry banana shake is ready. Pour in a mason jar and let them sip.


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Hairline Issues? Fret Not, Divatress at Rescue!!!

bobbi-boss-swiss-lace-front-wig-mlf-203-shikia-de4This is a sponsored post, however all opinions and thoughts shared are mine.

A hairdo makes or breaks the whole look. If I am having a good hair day, all my pictures would come out so well, people would shower compliments at work and he cannot take his eyes off me!!! That is the power of tresses. However of late, especially post pregnancy, I have been losing a lot of hair. Also they have become dull and lifeless. I am sure it’s a phase and will pass off soon but I certainly can’t wait indefinitely and look kinda disastrous (okay! It’s exaggeration! But still). So in my quest to regain my super great hair (which are not that great now) I stumbled upon LACE WIGS and was totally baffled by the concept.

bobbi-boss-swiss-lace-front-wig-mlf-195-sasha-15bBobby Boss Swiss Lace Front Wig

Lace wigs cover the hairline in a natural way. Even the person standing next to us cannot identify that it is a wig. So it doesn’t look fake at all and u still achieve the look you want. Getting a total natural and beautiful look is just a click away!! There are so many choices available in lace wigs – whole lace wig, an L part lace front wig, Swiss Lace, a lace front wig with bangs and the list goes on. To be honest one can be overwhelmed with the choices. But this premier online wig shop, Divatress, makes it so easy. You can browse through their products in their online store (Did I tell you that they have the largest collection of wigs online) and still if you are confused you can contact them so that they can help you choose the perfect LACE WIG which suits your style, taste and personality. Wigs in latest colour trends and by top brands are available on Divatress.

So when you want your game on point, you don’t fret over your hair for not being perfect. You just pick up a lace wig and get your hair styled in a dozen ways. Go, get yours now and make those gazes worthwhile.

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