6 Mistakes I Made Post Pregnancy

It’s been such a long time that I have written something down. You know, how mom life happens. And when I wasn’t being a doting mom,  my thoughts were too cluttered. Today, when I saw the laptop open in front of me, I somehow felt that urge to sit down and write- pour my heart out. There are so many topics on which I intend upon to write but let me take baby steps.

This particular blog is delayed by somewhat like 1 year and 7 months. Can I please blame that on my mom-life. I don’t want to blame it on my laziness though. So, here I want to quickly jot down few things which I now think, had someone told me before delivery or even maybe immediately after delivery it would have made my life much simpler.

  1. Doing Kegels is as important as feeding – If you have delivered normally, trust me on this , start your kegels as soon as possible i.e. once your stitches allows you to do that, or else for the rest of your life you would be rushing to loo even at the slightest sneeze. Wish someone had told me that early. I think it was my doctor’s duty to inform me but she obviously didn’t. I came to know about it much later like in 5th month post-delivery. And till now I am not back to fully normal.
  2. Breastfeeding while lying is a medically accepted position – this was repeatedly told by my mother. But I chose to hear what the nurses say until one day I saw a chart outside the chamber of my pediatrician which stated the different positions of breastfeeding. And lo! Breastfeeding while lying down was mentioned there in all its glory. Then when I tried it, my LO refused it because by now she was habituated to my sitting position. Therefore, whenever I breastfed I laboriously woke up every single time and sat and then fed; whereas I could have very easily lied down while feeding. If only I had listened to my mom. My poor back. It hurt me so much that at times I even thought of giving up on breastfeeding. So ladies, please use the lying position as well in conjunction with the sitting one. It will save your back like anything. The only precaution you need to take is that keep their little noses little away from skin so that they don’t suffocate.
  3. Bottle feeding – Like every new mom I was paranoid when I heard the word- Bottle,  “there is absolutely no need of giving bottle to my child; I am going to breastfeed her”. All said and done, its good in theory. Of course you don’t need to give formula in bottle. But do express your own milk and give them in bottle every alternate day just once right from the end of the first month. Because you never know when all of a sudden you might experience a dip in your milk, and then feeding the child formula without a bottle is a herculean task. During the day it is still okay because you are wide awake and spoon and bowl doesn’t seem to be so much of a hassle. But when its night and your eyes are already drooping you would simply want to put the bottle in the mouth of the kiddo n rest asleep. In any case unless you are exclusively breastfeeding at least until 1 year, non-introduction of bottle becomes a major issue once the first 6 months are over.
  4. Change is the law of nature – You can expect a change in about anything. Your skin type, your hair type anything. I always had hair which were slightly wavy towards the end. Post pregnancy now I have curly hair. Yes, the texture of the hair itself has changed. So don’t fret over it. Simply accept it.
  5. Pain in joints – If by any chance you experience pain in joints post the 45 days of delivery do not blame it on the calcium and iron deficiency. Go to an orthopedic immediately. It could be a form of rheumatoid. I kept blaming it on calcium deficiency until about 4th month when it became unbearable. The tests revealed it as early sign of rheumatoid and I was given steroids. Luckily it got cured. And by pain I mean shooting pain in knees, toe joints etc when you bend them or move them from one position to another.
  6. Belt or dupatta tied around waist – If you think tying them for a couple of hours is going to be all fine, wake up. Its either you tie it around 22 hours a day or you don’t do it all. As simple as that. So yeah if you want that flat stomach tie the belt or the dupatta really tight and take them off for an hour each while having your lunch and dinner.

Yeah! so these were the six mistakes I made as a first time mom some out of ignorance and some out of arrogance. Hope this blog helps you identify and stop before its too late. If it did, please free to share it with your preggo friends and not so preggo friends as well.

Disclaimer: These are totally based on my experience and my opinions which might be or might not be in line with what the medical fraternity says. You are free to apply or ignore.


Until then,